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Key Highlights

· GDPR, CCPA, CDR and the like try to promote true privacy by design, not privacy by promise

· Statements like “We are good people; your data is safe with us; we follow standards” are not the goals of these regulations

· The highest level of protection and…

At, zero-knowledge is the foundation of all our cloud-based SaaS products, which means we maintain no knowledge of our customers’ private data (e.g. businesses’ itemized sales history or users’ purchase history). This facilitates a number of significant value-adds, including privacy, security, control, and compliance and eliminates the needs for…

Read on to see why a retailer has absolutely no interest whatsoever in sharing itemized sales data in return for digital receipts.

At, we are constantly told “this is amazing that you have managed to provide the highest level of privacy for end consumers via your platform”. However, what…

With invoices and receipts being legal documents, end-to-end encryption may be the only possible method that serves the privacy requirements when digitizing receipts.

The fact that Assembly Bill 161 (the bill to ban paper receipts) was rejected by Californian lawmakers on the basis that banning them would cause privacy concerns


World’s first and only 1-step data-rich checkout with end-to-end encrypted privacy-preserving smart receipts and personalized rewards.

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