Source Code of Xiippy’s Xamarin Bindings for Stripe Terminal

Nov 3, 2022


Xiippy is happy to announce that the source code of Xiippy’s Xamarin Bindings for Stripe Terminal can now be downloaded at Xiippy’s github repository.

The binaries in the form of nuget packages had already been released to the public.

Xiippy’s partnership with Stripe goes a long way.

With these resources, the community of Xamarin developers can build payment-inclusive cross-platform applications much faster and more easily upon Stripe’s technology.

Hundreds of hours have been spent to create common abstractions and bind code from different stacks to c# to facilitate this, especially following the release of newer versions of the SDKs that came with some large-scale changes.

Hopefully, the community will enjoy the outcomes of our hard work.

We do, however, urge Stripe to take ownership of the code and officially support Xamarin on their stack.

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