Xiippy Wins Two Awards at “Something Tech 2022”

1 min readNov 3, 2022

We are proud to announce that on Friday, October 28, Xiippy managed to win the “Best In Product Innovation’’ award and co-win the “Best of Best” award alongside another great company at the finale of the 2022 Something Tech event as part of Queensland’s Digital, Innovation and Technology Festival.

Our thanks and appreciations go to Peter Laurie, Pauline Fetaui, Zoe Fall and everyone else at River City Labs, Australian Computer Society, Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur and “AWS Startups” who facilitated this great event. Without their help, support and coaching, this would not have been possible.

Our special thanks go to the judges who patiently listened to how we have solved some wicked problems to achieve the “data richness of payments” without the necessity to integrate with 2000 banks or point-of-sale systems and preserve the privacy of consumers and protect the itemized sales data of businesses while achieving these goals.

Of course, kudos for the great team @ Xiippy as well who have made all this possible.

With Xiippy scaling up quickly, there will be much more the community will hear about Xiippy and its unique product offerings.

The Xiippy Team




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