Why a Receipt Aggregator’s Zero Knowledge of Receipt Contents Is A Pre-Requisite of Receipt Aggregation

Read on to see why a retailer has absolutely no interest whatsoever in sharing itemized sales data in return for digital receipts.

At Xiippy.ai, we are constantly told “this is amazing that you have managed to provide the highest level of privacy for end consumers via your platform”. However, what is normally missed at the first glance is the fact that the bigger driver to employ end-to-end encryption to achieve zero knowledge of receipt contents was actually retailers’ needs of not sharing itemized sales data with 3rd parties, which has been cited as the biggest barrier against receipt aggregation.

Xiippy.ai owns multiple patents in cryptography and zero-knowledge marketing; a paradigm we invented fundamentally whereby we remain unaware of the data that is used to customize deals and offers available to individuals based on their private purchase history.

Here, we drill down into the reasons why retailers do not like to share their itemized sales data, and, why Xiippy is the ONLY logical way forward to get rid of paper receipts without retailers having to share their sales data with 3rd parties, or without customers having to deal with tens of apps or having to lose privacy.

Business-In-Confidence Classification

Until this perspective is taken into account and this need is served, the problem does not take a clear form. A business should have a 100% trust level with a 3rd party to share itemize sales data with that party; an ask simply “too big”, even for the government and tax offices, let alone private entities.

The Value of Itemized Sales Data

It must be obvious that such an offering can hardly get a positive response from major retailers.

Sharing itemized sales data with a party by a retailer simply feels like that the retailer is handing over a huge privilege to the recipient. In other instances, the retailer would charge the recipients for such data. Hence, the idea of being charged on top of the whole deal feels simply “absurd” for the retailer.

Overall, the idea of sharing itemized sales data to digitize receipts in an aggregated form suffers from the classic issue of “non-necessity” or “low return for a big ask”.

Read on to see how Xiippy is the ONLY provider that has solved this big issue.

Competitors’ Eggs in One Basket

All in all, a large retailer with competitors does not want to even think of such an exposure to share sales data to a party that can unintentionally cause the competition to be tampered with, exposing the strength and weakness areas of a business’ sales.

Then What?

a. Status quo to continue

b. Zero-knowledge receipt aggregation

This is the only way forward that ticks all the check marks.

It should be now obvious why Xiippy is the only logical choice to tackle the problems of customer identification, receipt digitization, loyalty management and in-store payments, unlike competitors and retailers’ own solutions.

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